Audio pauses when some of my users get notifications.

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So I have being emailed by one of my users saying that ''When ever he's listening to the radio using the andromo audio player if he get's a notification the audio stops playing''. Is this a problem with his phone or andromo? I would say it's his phone because if I get a notification while the streams playing the music continues playing. I just wan't a second opinion really. But then again rarely get notifications ;)


  • Andromo apps listen for an event from the OS telling them whether to pause or lower the volume (known as "ducking") because an important audio needs to take priority, e.g. when receiving a phone call. It's up to the OS and the device to decide which action is appropriate (pausing or ducking) based on the nature of the sound event. The Andromo app just responds to the broadcast in a standard way.

    I'm not sure why his device would be broadcasting a non-duckable event just for a notification; it could be that he has an app installed that is doing something odd there, or perhaps his device has a very limited multichannel audio capability.
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