Google play search algorithm

Im a new android app developer and I just published my first app 3 days ago.

When I search for my app with one more of the words that are in the title (of the app) I can bearly find my app in the list!

yes, I searched for this allot over the internet and i sew in other places people talking about the search algorithm decides by downloads, rating and +1s. i have the best rating, allot of reviews, okay amount of downloads and I see apps with no downloads, no rating, small description, show up above me in the list.

so my question is: am i missing something here?, why is my app so low in the list?, does the search update every week or so?


  • I'm not 100% sure but for my apps, once they gained traction and had a history of steady downloads they bumped up the search listings.  If your app has only been around for a short time it will get bigger and better over time.  If you already have good download rates it will be up there at the top in no time.
  • Yea i started to seeing this, i gain more and more new downloads every day
    and im moving up on the search list

    Thanks :D
  • The first 30 days are critical, try to get as many good ratings as possible, and promote your app everywhere you can.
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