AppLovin Ad Network Question

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Somebody tried AppLovin network before? I see on android forum people are not happy with them ; the most common problem is they are not paying publishers.I have 190 apps with Andromo and monetized with Admob and I want to replace with AppLovin but I'm not sure if it's a good idea.
Any experience you can share is very appreciated.


  • I am testing AppLovin network but no ads are being shown in my app. I have enabled both banner and interstitials. Its been 18 hrs since I am trying to get their ad shown in my app. But there's nothing. No Banner. No Interstitial. I have followed the steps properly. Got the AppLovin sdk key and have been trying to test my app with it.
    Does anybody have this issue too or am I doing something wrong here...???
  • I just ran a quick test and I was able to see ads AppLovin ads showing up in my app. Have you had any luck since @priyank1991 ? Do you see any requests in your AppLovin dashboard?
  • These AppLovin Interstitials are full on!  They look great and add to the App exerience, the only thing is, the video ads start automatically without giving the user an option to play or cancel - whether this is good or bad remains to be seen, but just chipping in my feedback :)
  • they want app in googleplay so i m out
  • @priyank1991
    I don't believe that being in Google Play is a requirement for AppLovin, where are you seeing that information?
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