How to link to apps on Samsung Apps?


is there a way to "natively" connect to my "seller page" or to my other apps on Samsung Apps? GP and Amazon links (when choosing the correct Target Market) work beautifully. For Samsung Apps I use these type of links and the standard webview:

Seller Page:
Specific Apps (ChatON example):

Is there a better way to do this?



  • Ah, OK, I've found the two blog posts about this from Andromo.

    So I added Google Play activity, added my seller page, and built the app using Samsung as the Target Market. That doesn't work yet as it opens the link on Samsung to the app I'm currently testing.

    Then I've added another GP activity, and pasted a link to another app of mine (samsungapps://ProductDetail/com.andromo.devxxx.appxxx), which is also already published on Samsung Apps. But, as in the previous case, the link which was opened, was again from the app I was testing.

    Any ideas what's happening? Thanks.
  • Guys, sorry for writing first, before doing some proper testing.

    So, if I use a normal GP link (in the GP activity) to one of my apps, it works perfectly fine on Samsung.

    However, as it seems, currently there is no way of showing our "seller page" (as in GP and Amazon). I'll just put a website URL to that site and that's it.
  • Ive never tried but i remember seeing a developer "Deep Link" in the profile pages of my samsung dev account.  Not sure if this opens your App within the Samsung App Store App on the phone - but it has to be for something!
  • I've tried just about everything, and I can't get the sellers page working in any other way, than link it via the Website activity. But thanks anyway.

  • I was also wondering how to do it too ? and glad to find the answer.
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