Replacing Admob ad unit IDs

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Im bit of a novice still but can anyone help i have acouple of apps saying i need replace legacy publisher and mediation IDs in admob. I follow the instruction below and get my new IDs etc but where i get lost is where do i add the new ones is it inside andromo where i build my apps or is it on admob somewhere? can anyone give me a bit of help im scared to change anything on my apps as they paying me quite well and dont want to ruin that by making a mistake.

more info here.

AdMob uses ad unit IDs to identify unique ad units in your apps, serve ads to those ad units, and manage AdMob Mediation if it's enabled.

Apps you previously monetised in legacy AdMob used legacy Publisher
IDs to identify the ad units and legacy Mediation IDs for mediation.
Both of these IDs have been replaced by a single new ad unit ID. To
benefit from all of AdMob's mediation features, you need to update the
legacy IDs in each of the ad units in your apps to their corresponding
new ad unit IDs, then republish your apps.

Update your ad unit IDs

To update your app's legacy Publisher and Mediation IDs to the new ad unit IDs:

  1. Download your ad unit ID mappings as a .CSV file.
    1. Go to Account > Legacy AdMob data.
    2. Click the Download button to download a .CSV file of your legacy Publisher and Mediation IDs mapped to your new ad unit IDs.
  2. Open the .CSV file and use the mappings to replace each of the
    legacy Publisher and Mediation IDs in your app with the corresponding
    new ad unit IDs.
  3. Publish your app containing the new ad unit IDs.

    You may want to wait to publish until your next scheduled app release
    if you're still actively developing the app. However, please note that,
    to benefit from all of AdMob's mediation features you need to update
    and republish the app using the new ad unit IDs.

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