Widget Support Please!

edited August 2014 in Suggestions
ANDROMO Please bring widget support to your service I beg you. The only reason I keep on about andromo should use widgets is because my app was designed for a online radio station called Fokus FM www.fokus.fm and I think if andromo had music widget it would benefit from this alot and would make the users life easier e.g. your at work plug in headphones press play on widget enjoy the music and get the work done simple - time saving. What users have to do plug in headphones goto app draw and find the app or launch app from homescreen then load the stream - this way takes longer. And I know loads of people who like to listen to music whilst working. But it takes too long and then they don't get enough work done. Also my app would be perfect. And by the way most music apps like poweramp and tunein radio have widget support. 
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