Integrating Samsung Galaxy sdk into an apk or source code file...

I dont know whether i am using the right technical language here but i have an livewallpaper apk and source code made from CLWC and i cant submit it to samsung Appstore coz my apk file doesnt conform to their Galaxy Special... so is there anyway i can integrate the samsung SDK in my source code... i know this would be very taxing for anybody to explain it to me.... any tutorial or any sort of help would be welcomed... thanks!


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    You need to make use of one of the Samsung SDKs within your app. This involves compiling the app with the corresponding Samsung library files, and making use of the appropriate Samsung API calls as needed for your app.

    This isn't really something that can be done by following a tutorial. You'll need to find a Samsung SDK that is useful to your app, such as the image filter SDK, and integrate it into your app's source code.
  • thanks a lot Lorne! but i am totally new to all this kind of stuff... can u just show me an example of how to do it if if you have the time and energy and patience? Just one example. Thanks. 
  • Sorry, as I wrote above it isn't something that can be demonstrated with a short example.
  • All right. thanks a lot for your support. Always appreciated.
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