How can I include visiting a certain web page in my app analytics?

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I have an app that in some cases takes users to a "thank you" page on my website when they've submitted some info on a form.

Google analytics is giving me all kinds of useful info - like what countries users come from and how long they use each activity... but how can I set up a goal in analytics so that the "thankyou" page, which is on an external website I own, gets tracked using the Google analytics Goal feature?

Is there a resource someone can point me to, for this info?


  • btw the activity I use for the form submission is html/css archive and there's some php on my server. I could put code in the archive and/or the server if needed. If no one knows how to do this I will hire a coder with Google Analytics/mobile experience, and post back here later.
  • ... or can I somehow track the submit button that is in my html code using a call to the Google Analytics web app tracking? I'll paypal $10 to the first person who gets this working for me or sends me sample code I can try out that solves this.
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