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Hi, why can't Andromo release a Search Bar on the mainScreen of the app, because i have soooo much Custom Pages that it would be better for my Users to search for their titels...and you could make a tick in the Dashboard settings...

or how can i introduce a "search bar" into my app in Andromo?

can anyone help me please


  • Hi,

    Sorry, that currently isn't possible in Andromo. The closest you could get at the moment would be to use an HTML Archive and implement the search in javascript yourself, although that would not be trivial task.

    I agree that searching within the app would be a neat feature. There are several ways we could improve the user experience in apps with lots of's something we're planning to work on in the future.

    Since you mention having a lot of custom pages...could I ask what kind of app you're making?

    (There may be other ways we could make it easier in the future to build the kind of app you're working on.)
  • Search button for a dictionary please.
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