Upgrade to Universal Analytics?

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When I log into my Google Analytics account, it gives a message inviting me to upgrade to Universal Analytics, and saying that eventually everyone will be automatically upgraded. I assume you guys (Andromo) are aware of this and making any necessary changes? :) Or are any changes necessary? Will I have problems if I go ahead and upgrade now?


  • That message might not actually be applicable...if your analytics code begins with "UA" I think it already is a universal property. If it's an app property, then you are already using universal analytics, as according to https://support.google.com/analytics/answer/4457764?hl=en all app properties are universal.

    If somehow you're not already using a universal code, I'm pretty sure things will still work if you do upgrade as the analytics documentation states that it will, however I don't think it is possible to revert back afterwards. The analytics documentation isn't the clearest documentation on Earth. :)

    We're currently using an older version of the analytics SDK as there isn't any compelling reason to upgrade yet (no real benefits for the way it's being used in Andromo at this time), however the version we are using is compatible with Universal Analytics.

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