How to get really started

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Hey everyone, 

I had a question about the whole strategy around getting a stable revenue flow, even if it's low. Right now, I launched one app (a news tracker for world conflicts) but because I'm on the basic license, I can't really monetise it. Reason I waited is because the 96 dollar a year is quite a sum, I want to be really sure that I will earn it back in a relatively short period. So what should i do next? I think I marketed it pretty well, since it's also on Amazon, ApsLib, and Opera. I created a YouTube vid about functionality. I have nice screens, and nice description. I shared it on Twitter and in some larger Facebook groups I'm member of. But I don't know what I could do more than just wait and see how it develops. Right now, I got like 20 downloads in two days, but its hard to keep track since the Google Analytics tool only updates once a day (is there a better program?). So, should i monetise immediately with ads, or release more apps first? And should i do more marketing?

I'd love to know!
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