Apps are getting deleted from Certification process in Samsung GALAXY Apps stores...

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Dear Seller,


We'd like you to know about adding an app to GALAXY Specials category on you.

GALAXY Specials category is only to register the app using Samsung SDK code, means that the code embedded to the app.

This is our Category Policy of GALAXY Apps.

Therefore, we would like to announce to remove the apps not to embed code of Samsung SDK within this month.

That indicates Theme (Wall Paper) and Adult Apps.



If you are not related to this mail, we're very sorry to bother you.

Thank you for your cooperation.


Yours sincerely,

GALAXY Apps Team

This is the mail which I got from Samsung GALAXY Apps Seller Office on 4th September…

And from 6th September none of my wallpaper apps have been approved by Samsung GALAXY Apps stores….My apps are getting deleted in certification process…They neither go in sales nor in rejected apps list…It seems like they have been vanished somewhere…Please let me know if anyone having same issue with their Samsung account…Please help me out with this problem…

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