Youtube Feed Length

I am trying to put a custom built feed into the youtube action, but it appears to have a size limit.  Is there anyway to make this allow for a longer string?


  • yes.. me too it seems that even if a channel has more than 25 videos it will show the last 25..
    If anyone know any way to do this please help..

    The only way I see until now.. is to create channels with 25 videos and then create multiples youtube activities
  • Hi Guys,

    Take a look at the Interactive YouTube API Demo Beta: it details all of the parameters you can use when specifying a YouTube feed URL.

    One of those parameters is max-results, which (depending on the feed type) you can use to control how many videos are returned by YouTube.

    I hope that helps.

  • Yep looking at it right now!

    Thank you Mark!

    PS: The limit is 50 videos.. but youcan query playlists and have as many as you want!
  • I have added a YouTube activity that displays 5 selections but I can't play any of the YouTube video.
    Is the App supposed to be able to play any video selected or is it there just to give a playlist? What should I download to play the videos?

    I have never used an Android tablet before. I wanted to try making an App and found your Website is best so I did the edit on the iPad and run it on the tablet.
  • @vanford When you click on the YouTube items in the list they should open in the default YouTube app. Do you have the YouTube app installed on your device? What happens when you click on an item in the list?


  • The YouTube app is not on my device. I didn't know to check before as the iPad always had it. When I click on an item nothing happens. Also, on a Website activity it said a suitable video player is needed.
    So, I'll look in to this.
    Thanks for such a speedy reply.
  • @vanford What type of device do you have? A kindle or a nook?
  • I use a Viewpad10 with Android 2.2 and Windows7.
    I'm looking for a user guide to learn how to use it properly.

    I 've had the iPad since last October and read up a lot of user guides but can't find a good one for the Viewpad that 's easy to understand.
  • @vanford Hmm try installing the youTube app from the Google Play store? Does that solve the issue?

  • I have the YouTube App installed on the Viewpad now and all the YouTube videos are working fine.

    Just to mention that some videos did not work at first. 
    I noticed that the ones that did not work had the HD logo on the top right hand corner of the screen. My son who has an Android HTC phone, looked at my tablet and tap on the wording HD and it worked!

    Thank you for your help and patience.

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