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I want to create a Guide App for a Game, for that I use Costum Pages (When theres a better way, please tell me..) Now I want a Main Catigory for example Buildings, and when you click on the Icon the Costum Page will open, and there you have a second Menu with all the Buildings.. When you Click on of these a new Page Opens with all informations.

Is this possible? And when yes, how?



  • At the moment only possible if you upload whole HTML archive as the first activity which will include the app's landing page as index.html and all images, linkings, other html pages, etc. You also need to set dashboard style as NONE.

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    It's as @anteos says. But be very careful with naming your game guide. If you use TM'd words, it's very, very risky. Also, ask the game owners, if they are OK with it. A very reputable app publisher lost their account due to game guides - and they even had all the permissions in place! Their acc was reinstated (when they were able to prove that they have all necessary permissions), but only after a few weeks.
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    Submenus are not currently available in Andromo except by using HTML to create navigation pages and linking to activities using the special andromo:// links.

    Or by being an Andromo developer and using the subcategory features which are currently available offline and will hopefully be added to the Andromo web site by Colin at some time in the near future.
  • The italics in word "currently" indicate it could be available sometime?
  • @anteos: Hehe, I guess it's a good clue. ;)
  • Hi Guys  - are we any nearer on the Subpages functionality?
    Been waiting ages for it !
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    The status for that specific functionality is largely the same; subcategories were implemented internally in the build code of Andromo by last year, but they also need several changes to the web site to allow them to be configured in your projects. We've had some delays in order to deal with annoying things like DDOS attacks, and we've also lost some time due to illnesses. I'm not sure when the web interface will be finished; it may end up being delayed a bit further in order to adjust to some material design changes I'm working on...including some new theming abilities which will hopefully be worth the wait.

    However, there are some new build features that were part of the subcategories implementation that I'm hoping will get hooked into the website by the next update. (Along with a number of waiting bug fixes.)

    (And yeah I also feel like we've been waiting ages for it. I don't think any of us anticipated so many delays!)

  • Thanks for the heads up.
  • Subcategories would indeed be a huge feature.  Can't wait.
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