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Will andromo ever update to the new android material design i.e pull out menu etc. Because apps don't look the best on android 4.0x especially with a long drop down menu and a main menu it looks very untidy in my opinion. So please andromo will you ever implement a pull out menu as this is available by many other services. 


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    Sidebar navigation is definitely on our list, in fact we already laid some groundwork for it (and other things) behind the scenes in the recent update.

    (Technically the side drawer isn't part of material design, but I get what you're saying.)

    I also implemented the new CardView as an option for RSS feeds, which should make its way into a future update.

    Another thing I'd really like to do is take advantage of the new color extraction features.

  • Great Thanks this update will make andromo the best service.
  • Any idea when this update will be released? 
  • You should do a behind the scenes video full of snippets of what andromo are working on that would be great.
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    Unfortunately I don't know when these features will be released...some parts are already implemented but some are still in the planning stages. There are several other bug fixes and website changes that need to be finished as well.

  • Thats nice to know andromo team are working hard on fixing bugs and implementing new designs and more.
  • Hi.

    Here is the list of best material design apps. Just sharing with you guys.

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