Is there a way to stream a live radio broadcast??

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Just wondering if there was a way to stream a live online radio broadcast say something like this:

Any info would be really appreciated, thanks.


  • You should be able to play any stream that is supported by Android devices using a SHOUTCast Radio activity. You will need the URL of the audio stream, or the URL of a playlist that contains the stream link within it.

    (A web page that contains embedded players will not work for the Radio activity, but you may be able to display such a page with a Website activity if its embedded player is compatible.)
  • Unfortunately +rottencorpse1976 you can only use shoutcast to stream radio which is supported by andromo the shoutcast server link would look like this  e.g. to get the server link address find the radio your looking for go to what looks like a download icon and right click copy link address.

    Or alternatively you can use a play list file which tends to be in the following formats .m3u, .pls, or .asx for example if you go to this radio stations site you'll see they have many links to listen in different formats e.g. you'll see it has listen.asx and the actual server link on shoutcast is a listen.pls format.

    So unless the radio station you wan't to make an app for uses shoutcast it will be harder. For an example on how the radio activity in andromo works download my app    
  • I tried to explain the best I could, I hope I helped you +rottencorpse1976
  • Thanks for your reply dub_boy and lorne.. I will have a play and see what can be done, really appreciate your quick response.
  • Glad too help +rottencorpse1976
  • Just a point of clarification: Andromo's audio activities support any kind of streaming audio that is playable by the built in MediaPlayer framework. The server does not need to be a SHOUTcast server. However if you use the Radio activity it will attempt to access SHOUTcast/Icecast metadata from the server (using several different methods) in order to show information about the stream, such as the title of the song that is currently playing.
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