Apps with database?

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Hi, I have an app idea. But it will need some data to be stored in a database. Is there any such option with Andromo how to work with database or similar.
Has anyone here built an app using Andromo and has a big database in it. 


  • ash19_87: Yes, a friend of mine does jQuery/PHP/mySQL coding and he made a cool HTML5 app for me. I just inserted the ZIP file into Andromo (Archive activity) and it works like a custom built app. All the data is taken from a server.
  • @hendrixs, thats cool to know, but to let you know that i do not have a strong technical background :( and not really understood how to achieved this exactly. is there a detailed guide for this which u can share?
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    @ash19_87: Sorry for a bit late answer. I too am not good at PHP/mySQL/jQuery, that's why I pay him to build that stuff for me. All the data needs to be hosted in a database (which is on your web hosting) and with PHP you are pulling that data in your app.

    In Andromo you can do a lot. But you need to understand HTML/CSS/jQuery/PHP/mySQL.
  • @hendrixs thanks for the reply, much appreciated.
  • @hendrixs, is the app still native with the data in the database?
  • @stephyap: Sure, because what makes it native, is Andromo's build. Native means "an application program that has been developed for use on a particular platform or device."
  • thank you hendrixs
  • You can learn android tutorial from here.
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