Andromo needs more settings.

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It would be nice to have these few options listed below and explained.

1) Option to prevent phone from sleeping - ideal for my users if there in the chatroom that way they won't get signed out if they go idle and the screen locks automatically.

2) Option to enable play and resume when unplugging headphones or plugging headphones in - This was a feature request by one of my users/ beta tester and it will be ideal if there in the chat this way they won't get signed out of chat.


  • Thanks for the suggestions.

    May I ask what kind of activities you're using? It's unclear since you mentioned a chat room, but also headphones. What kind of chatroom are you using?

    The Andromo audio activities set a wake lock to prevent the phone (not the display) from sleeping, but only while audio is playing. Setting a wake lock within a web activity would technically be possible, but I don't think setting a wake lock is the best way to remain logged into a chat room. Perhaps there is another way to keep your users from getting signed out.

    Can you explain what you mean by "play and resume" in a bit more detail? I'm not sure what unplugging or plugging in headphones would have to do with getting signed out of a chatroom...perhaps I'm misunderstanding what you mean.
  • No what I mean is if x person plugs his headphones in listens too live stream notices a live Dj is streaming he decides to go into chat signs in then he decides he wants to listen thru his phones speaker instead. But if he unplugs his headphones the music stops and he has to navigate away from chat too play the stream and log back in the chat. - Thats why I requested play and resume feature that way they don't have to log out then in again, if you know what I mean.

    And I requested a wake lock not just for the chat but for the whole app as it would be easier. The only reason I wan't this feature is so my users don't get signed out if they go idle or the phone locks, because when the screen locks and they unlock the screen they have too login again. And I haven't fount away to prevent them from being signed out if the screen locks.

    And for the chat I'm using a html section - the chat im using mibbit irc
    And as for the live stream im using a shoutcast playlist file.
  • I hope you now understand what I mean.
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