Does Anyone Publish on the Mobogenie App Store?

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Hey guys,

a few weeks ago I was doing some app promotions using AdWords, and I saw that Mobogenie was looking for people to promote their app store.


Does anyone publish their apps there? I have it on my to-do list, but I'd also be happy to hear your experiences, if you have any.



  • Mobogenie is a waste of time.
  • Mobogenie is a waste of time and it is a virus it collects your data and tracks everything you do.
  • Thanks for the answers, guys. I guess I'll just pass on Mobogenie then. I didn't have luck with 3rd party app stores anyway (Opera,, Yandex...)

    Also, Samsung is getting increasingly worse for me. :-/ It started after they made all those changes. It's still OK, but not great, as it was before.
  • Hi hendrixs... 
    What about your research of mobile stores alternative to Play?

    Opera Mobile Store redirect now to Play Store
    bad new.

    What is working for you now?

  • Hey @notraf,

    in my experience, GP is the best, by far. Samsung and Amazon are OK, too. But have basically zero success with other app stores. Maybe I'm doing something wrong, I don't know, but I was never able to achieve good results on Opera, Nokia, Yandex,, OpenMobile, AppsLib and all those other app stores.
  • Mobogenie is a weird store. One shitty live wallpaper I had made had 1200 downloads in 5 days. My normal andromo apps get like 10 per month. But I still use it and main reason is that sometimes, from what I have heard, apps can go viral. So hoping for something like that.

    Nokia is decent for me (something like 8k downloads total since they appeared) but soon they will go back to opera apps.
    Socio is lately refusing all andromo apps, appslib removed all my apps without any notification and then when I asked what got wrong they said it was done by mistake. Of course I did not upload again.
    Yandex is useless, openmobile can be reached through Nexva market ( also low performance, but I am hoping because it ireaches many African countries).
    Turkcell market is also decent, around 20k total downloads there.
    Mobile9 needs a paid subscription now but up to 4months ago was one of the best - more than 40k downloads total.
    GetJar is giving me around 100dls per day.
    The rest are not worth mentioning.

    Have you had any luck with Chinese stores? I had been lucky with some fake name,address and phone number and do have an account in Baidu, but lately they refuse all apps saying the content is not Chinese. Before that, I had account in Mumayi which gave me 300dls per day total...but after a while they asked for Chinese ID.
    I have done much research and in most of the others they ask for a scan of Chinese ID.
  • @anteos: Wow, that's a research on another level. :) Thanks for sharing! You have impressive numbers for alternative stores.

    All I did was publish my apps on the stores I listed about a year ago and on, for example, I had something like 100 DL in total. On Opera I was getting around 15-30 DL/day with 20+ apps. Yandex produced about 50 DL in total. On Nokia, I had about 2 DL/day.

    I have no experience with Chinese stores - I wanted to try a few, but all were in Chinese only and my apps were in English, so I thought I'll pass. However, I'm sure that there is very hughe potential there, if you can produce apps in Chinese. There are a lot of options on internet for getting some decent quality translations.

    So, the 3rd party mobile app stores you would currently recommend, are Mobogenie, Turkcell, Mobile9 and GetJar?
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    It all depends on available time. Having a fellow/spouse/sibling who is not too lazy to do some uploading for you, I would suggest you use all:
    opera, samsung, amazon, mobogenie, turkcell, getjar, nexva,nokia, mobango and maybe others too. After all, even 1 download can generate you some income.

    If you do not want to spend your time uploading, focus on the ones that work best for you.

    Baidu used to give me decent download seven if apps have English content(mostly radios, though). Mumayi was more than decent, really impressive but sadly cannot upload there anymore.

    Do you use some kind of spreadsheet to track your uploads, apps, versions, income, etc?

    EDIT: I have a little CMD tool which generates all possible screenshots sizes I need (from 1280x800 and 800x1280 which are my initial shots) and all logos sizes I need for all stores. If you want, drop me a PM and  I can send it.

  • @anteos: Cool, I'm just wondering what works in case if the worst should happen. ;) I'm keeping my apps updated only on GP, Samsung and Amazon.

    Yes, I have an Excel spreadsheet for tracking apps, versions, free/paid, what type of ads networks I use (AdMob/Amazon) and on which app stores did I publish the apps. I also have custom apps and use SlideMe as well.

    Thanks for your kind offer, but I've made an "action" in Photoshop to edit all my images automatically with push of a button. :)
  • Hi friends.
    Thanks for your share.

    I have about 30 dld/day in Samsung now, 100 dld/day in Opera, and uploading apps to Amazon and Getjar.

    I want to try any China store. Wandouja, Appchina, Tencent or Anzi seems the biggest. 
    @anteos, Have you tried any of this China app stores?

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    I never managed to make the Photoshop actions work had to go with a bypass way, which however is still Photoshop-quality conversion. Really useful and extremely versatile tool.


    About 6 months ago I went through more than 10 Chinese stores registrations. Most of them would halt at a point, so weeks after (having forgotten that I already tried) I would try again.
    As a result I finally decided to take notes on which Chinese store I have tested and what the problem was, and my notes atm inform me that: > Asks for ID
    Naver > The registration code never reached my phone
    Angeeks> worked at first, then asked for ID > Registration worked, but they asked me to contact them to enable my account, they never responded.
    The rest markets have only been erased from my list, possibly asking for ID early during the registration process:
    wandouija, renren, gfan, 7723, anzhi, appchina, n-duo, tencent, HiAPK, anruan, coolapk, 91, 360,

    I have been actually thinking to go on with a rather offensive strategy: message the support of some of those stores, explain that I am not Chinese but I want an account because I will start converting the content of my apps in Chinese and I will need to submit them.
    If/when they allow me to register, I will just upload Andromo radio apps and any other I got that seems suitable, without any Chinese in them :)
  • Sorry I Know this is a old post ,but very interested to read I have only submitted my apps to GP ,but seems like the other stores are worth a look.
    Is there any software available to upload to multiple stores or is it all manual ?

  • Nope, its all manual. However, if you use macros, you can at least help yourself by managing the texts copy-paste work in all stores automatically.
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