Is it possible???

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I was just wondering If it is possible to add a voice recorder. Also a chat room so all that download the app can chat together???

Sorry for being a newb, just curious.


  • You can use a free service like mibbit irc or simmilar for the chatroom, if you need anymore advice just ask. As my app uses a chatroom you can check it here if you want see what it looks like etc Although the radio station I created the app for already had a chatroom so I just went on mibbit widget manager created an account typed the server name and everything was sorted just grabbed the source code copied the code into notepad changed widget size saved as index.html put it in a zipped folder named index.html or something similar uploaded to andromo html activity. So if you wanted too have a play around with mibbit or something similar see whats best for you. it was easier for me as the station already had the chat it was a matter of grabbing the source code. So for you it maybe different or harder not sure. Or if you have java script and all that knowledegable stuff you could craft your own chatroom.

    And as for the voice recorder im not entirely sure about that, but sure our freinds at andromo would be happy to help out.
  • I second the question about a voice recorder. That's one of the most requested features users have for one of my apps
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