Help!! Admob, self clicked to test(Unaware)

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Hi all, i am in a bit of a trouble even before starting my journey with app building. 

I made my first app here and added admob ad units on it both banner and interstitial. 

The problem is arises, I did not know that we are not suppose to click on our own ads, i have tested my apps on couple of devices and clicked on many ads. And now i read several places that I am not suppose to do that. I logged on admob account so far no updates from them regarding it and my own clicks have added $5 in my account already. 

Now i need advise, should i continue building my app? What do i do? Change accounts? Archive ad units and app in admob? 



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    This is not good. Do not open new accounts because these days GP/AdMob can connect everything. You can't just open a new account and hope they won't know. They know everything. Maybe send them a message or just wait. If you won't get banned soon, you'll be all right.

    But never, ever do this again, because you are screwing their advertisers, who are paying good money for their ads. If advertisers don't see a return on their spending, they won't advertise again. That's why Google does everything to protect them - after all, 98% of Google's income is from advertisers. So you can bet they won't think twice about doing whatever necessary to protect them.

    I wish you luck and I hope you've learned something from this.
  • Also just to let you guys know, we will be releasing an update that will allow you to define your devices as test devices which will help eliminate this type of issue. I can't provide a date for it's release, but it's coming.
  • @hendrixs Thanks for ur advise. 

    Thats for sure i have learnt my lesson and wont happen again but to resolve my issue even i thought of sending google a message regarding this, but i don't know what actions they will take. 

    If i do not do anything and continue with my apps legitimately is it possible they do not notice it? 
    I am really confused what to do :( 
  • @darryl: That's great news, thanks!

    @ash19_87: I don't know what is a normal "invalid click" ratio. I asked my account manager and she said not to worry about that - their algorithms are supposedly very good and even a super high "invalid clicks" ratio won't be a problem, but only if they don't find evidence, that you were somehow involved in generating those clicks.

    I guess there isn't a single factor determining what happens now. I would just wait it out and and see what happens. I hope you'll be fine and you can start making some nice money with Andromo. :) But play it safe.
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