Advise! Friends, please, share what methods do you use to promote your apps?

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Hello, friends! I wonder what methods do you use to promote your Android apps. I heard about AdWords, social accounts, different markets and YouTube? What exactly helps you to rise your downloads of apps?


  • I see indie developers share there apps on various facebook groups and exchange reviews. So maybe facebook if your on a budget.
  • Hi: 
    -here is a link to a post about advertising and promotion in the forum:

  • I've used with some success (keywords went up in rank and was on top 50 for like 30 countries for a while) but they are expensive. Also if you do go with them don't use the regular retention its a waste of time. Only their high retention works because the people need to keep your app for 3 days.

    Other than that use admob or whatever ad network you use to create in house ads in all your apps so that you are cross promoting from your own apps. 
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