adsense: ad serving has been disabled to your application

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Today I received, email from admob :
 "ad serving has been disabled to your application."  because CONTENT of third-party frameworks: publishers may not publish AdMob ads on applications that include frames content from other sites or
applications without the permission of their owners.

In other situation like this in other app, 5 days ago,  I changed the RSS activity  from "open destination link in app" to "Show RSS item content" and when I ask admob for appeal, they accepted the changes and reactivated the adds on my app.

But in this app all is in mode "Show RSS item content". All RSS items are in this way.

I don't know what to change.

Please, Can you help me? 

There are banners  and interstitial adds.


  • Well.
    I thought the only thing that could be "a third party content in frames " can be the use of cards in the RSS row style.

    Them I have changed it to the standard mode in all app.

    Cross fingers!!

    I'm going to ask for readmission at admob

  • Response from admob (translated):

    Thank you for your email. However, please note that since your application
     was found to be in violation of the policies of the program, it is not eligible to participate in the program of AdMob.
  • Hey,

    Did you figure out why you got banned? 

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