Adsense Ads Identification

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Does anyone know how to identify an adsense ad on a web-page?

1. I am displaying a website in my app and I want to run admob banner ads
2. but, the web page has advertising on it - and I don't know if the ads are adsense ads or not.

(b/c of course, Admob TOS prohibits showing admob banner ads + adsense ads in the same screen)

So, how can I tell if the ads on the web-page are Adsense ads or some other kind ?

Any help would be appreciated.
Thx, G.


  • @Lorne:   Must I target-build for the Amazon AppStore in order to use Amazon Banners in my app?  (in other words, can a GooglePlay target app run Amazon banners ? )
  • To be on the safe side, I would either disable AdMob ads on your web content, or even disable ads all together on that activity.

    In order to show Amazon ads, the app must be submitted to the Amazon app store, however you can also distribute that app to Google Play. The Target Market setting doesn't affect the ads, however you should still build using the correct Target Market when submitting your app to each store.
  • In order to recognize the adsense ads.. see and click on the  "i" on the left-bottom corner of the ad
  • @darryl, @notraf:
    -thank you both for your comments here and in another post

    -notraf:  your question about admob banners in the other post actually clarified quite alot, b/c if I am afraid of TOS conflicts between Banner Ads & Adsense on the webpages, I can just turn off the banner ads for the RSS activity, and the banner ads will display on the RSS list but not on the related web-page.

    cool !
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