new to andromo and i have a few questions

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  • I just started with the free version of Andromo android app maker. I'm making a Christmas wallpaper app since with my knowledge of app making I thought it would be the easiest and probably most lucrative way of starting to make money. My first idea was to put around 10 different wallpapers in a free version and then make a paid version with 50 or more wallpapers. without realising that the free Andromo only allows for 1 app I took off.

    I have 2 questions that users with some more experience with the Andromo app and app making in general might b able to answer:

    1. Is it possible to make a lock in my app that unlocks after payment for the 'full version'(and if so, how does this work), or does this automatically mean that there are 2 apps needed, one for a free version and one for a paid version?

    2. Is it even worth discussing my first question, or should I simply only release a paid version of the app?

    Thanks in advance for all the advice.


  • 1. That would require IAP ( IN-app purchases). You would charge the user for the additional content to be released. However, Andromo does not include it (yet).
    2. What you can do is make the free version, use the com.andromo package name for it, build it and download it.
    Then you change the package name to net.andromo, edit the app to include the additional wallpapers, then use this as the PRO version.

     When you upload the free version to  Market, you use the one with com.andromo package name. When you upload the PRO version and charge for it, you will use the one with net.andromo package name. The serious drawback with this is whenever you need to update the app, you will be diverting between the FREE and PRO constantly, since they are both in a single app entry in Andromo.
    The package name can be found at the first tab when starting an app.
  • thanks for the feedback, much appreciated
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