Admob Mediation

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Hello all,

I am thinking to start experimenting with mediation in Admob, mainly using Mmedia alongside admob, for some apps at aleast.
I have some questions for those who have tried it:

1. If some impressions are served by mMedia (supposing their eCPM is higher than admob itself) will I see the stats in mMedia dashboard or it will co-exist with Admob's own stats somehow?
2. Will there be an app entry in mMedia dashboard for the app I have used mediation for, or not?
3. Dumb but still... will I be paid by mMedia for the impressions of mMedia or from Admob?
4. Do I need to update the app or the change at the admob dashboard, for the particular ad unit, is sufficient to work right away?
5. Is it even worth it? In the list of supported ad networks I do not see any other that I have account in. Which means I want to use one of the 5-6 ad networks that I do have account and on which I already have some revenue.

Thank you for your time


  • I'm sorry but Andromo does not support AdMob mediation. You can only add the networks via Andromo's settings.
  • Oops... I did not know that. Is there chance you might decide to implement it?

  • The development team has discussed the mediation feature in the past, and it is on our suggestions list for future consideration. While there are obvious benefits to the feature, it would be a pretty large task to implement given the way things work in Andromo right now. So, we have considered it, and will keep our minds open to it in the future.
  • OK Darryl, thank you for this information!
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