Wallpaper Application - Picture size question

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Hello! I would like to make a wallpaper picture(pictures in gallery, that you can "Set as" a wallpaper) app, I was wondering what's the best picture size?
I tried with 800x1280, I was not able to put the whole picture as my background image, only a part of it.


  • The screen size can vary quite a bit from one device to another. You might want to consider making separate apps that target different devices, and research the best size to use for different devices. (You can restrict which devices an app is considered to be compatible with in the Google Play developer console.)

    Note that in order to avoid cropping, you want the image to have an aspect ratio that allows it to be shown completely on the device. The aspect ratio is the relationship between the width and height of the image, for example 16:9 means there are 16 horizontal pixels for every 9 vertical pixels in the image.
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