Can´t fix my update

Please help me guys, I am so sad right now and I saw it already in your FAQ. But everything is clear. 

On this pic you can see I have here 7th version. 


At Andromo I put there version 8. image

But when I upload it I ´ll get this a projectcode error. I tried each number out - but nothing worked - please can somebody help me???  :( It would be so awsomeimage


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    I believe the version code they are referring to is an internal version code. APK files have two versions: an internal "version code" and another "version number" that is shown to app users.

    The version code cannot be set by you, it is automatically incremented every time you build your app in Andromo. That is the "7" part of "7 (8)" in your screenshot above. (And the "6" part of the earlier "6 (1.0)" version shown there as well.)

    The version number is set by you, and you can set it to anything you want, 1.0, 123.456, George the Third, etc. This is what you use to indicate the version of the app to your users. This is the "8" part of the "7 (8)" in your screenshot above.  (And the "1.0" part of the earlier "6 (1.0)" version.)

    Google will not let you upload an APK unless the internal version code is newer than the file it already has. Since this code is automatically incremented every time you build your Andromo project, you either did not build the project since the last time you uploaded the file to Google Play, or you are uploading an older file by accident.
  • Ok thx for downwriting all the Details. :) But where was the mistake, if the Version code and the internal Version code are not the same it should work. I didn´t swap any apps - I just downloaded it again from andromo with new Content and want to upload it. At some apps it works on others it didn´t work and I really want to know what is wrong :)

    thx for help Iorne :)
  • The easiest way to know for sure would be to build your app again (you don't need to change the version number, it's only the internal version code that matters for this) and then upload the new file.
  • The problem is I already changed the number and I dont know what can I change - I also tried out to build a new app then i get this error image

    Here stands that my package name is not the right one and again that my code should be higher then 7.....
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    You can't create a new project and upload it as the same app on Google Play -- every new Andromo project gets a unique package name.

    You just need to rebuild the same project you built before. You don't need to make any changes to the project, just click the Build button and download the new apk file. The internal "version code" changes every time you build, regardless of whether you make any changes to the project or not.

    Google only cares about the internal "version code" number. It won't let you re-upload a project if the internal "version code" has increased -- so make sure you don't mistakenly upload the wrong APK file. Just click "Build" in your Andromo project, download the new file that gets built, and upload that.
  • Hi pepo..!!

    I you have a premium account, I think,  you can set the package name as in the old app and then build the app 8 times in order to have an apk with the internal version "8".

    If you have an standard account you can't set the package name and must use the old project. Rebuild the old project several times in order to increment the internal version number and upload it.
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