Need feedback on new design.

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So I had ago at trying too make my app look good.

Here is the end result:


Let me know what you guys think?

Note: App icon needs redesigning and so does the little button at the top.

Also I may change the podcasts icon. 


  • I tried to keep it simple.
  • Also should I put facebook before twitter?
  • Minimalistic is good. :) I think it does not matter if FB is before Twitter or not. People will choose whatever they prefer.
  • Thanks for the feedback. I appreciate all feedback and suggestions. Just need a new app icon and little icon in the top left also a new wallpaper for the audio activity so it matches the new design.
  • Well for me,i think the design is in term of the icon is ok, but may i know how you were able to change the icons on the dashboard.
  • Thanks @suneepet1 go to your activities section and change the icons you want and save it and go to dashboard and click a design that suits your app better. 
  • Also how the dashboard is displayed depends on the size of the screen if its a big screen it will look good but on a small screen it will look squashed and untidy in the screenshot I used a nexus 9.
  • Hello, sorry for offtopic, but how did you manage to display those three dots in action bar? Does some menu pop up when you click them?

    Thank you!
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    @midz the icon with the three dots is the standard Android overflow menu which appears when there are actions available (such as "Settings" or "About") that either do not fit or do not need to appear on the action bar. The overflow menu automatically appears in any Andromo activities where it is needed.

    And yes it shows a menu when you click on it. :)
  • Thank you for response, but I don't quite understand it. How do I make this three dots to appear? And can I insert in the submenu some custom activities?
  • That menu (the three dots) is not something you can control. It appears on all devices that don't have a hardware menu button.

    If you're using an older device with a dedicated "Menu" button, you will probably not see that overflow menu. (I say "probably" because there is a small chance you might still see the overflow menu, even with a dedicated hardware menu button, on some devices.) Instead of the overflow menu, you will see an equivalent popup menu when you press the dedicated menu button on your device.

  • Ok, I get it now! Thank you for clearing that out.
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