Announcing MobileCore Interstitials - and $15,000 bonus promotion!

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We’re pleased to announce a new interstitial ad platform for our developers in Andromo 4.0.11: mobileCore interstitial ads.

What are interstitials?

Interstitial ads are full-page ads that appear ‘between’ activities in your app. Since they really grab the user’s attention, they can be more effective than banner ads at generating revenue.

Interstitials are among the highest-converting and highest-paying ad formats, and the mobileCore interstitials are nicely implemented, native Android ads.

Special Christmas Bonus: Earn up to $15,000!

mobileCore is having a special promotion where you can earn a bonus based on the number of ad impressions you show in your apps. The chart below shows the bonus amounts you will earn as you reach each tier of impressions.

mobileCore Christmas Bonus chart

Impressions are counted per publisher, so all of the apps you release with mobileCore enabled will help towards this promotion.

In total, you can earn up to $15,000!

The money you earn from this bonus is in addition to the normal revenue you will earn from your mobileCore ads.

This is a limited time offer ending January 31st. See full details here.

mobileCore Highlights

  • native interstitial ads
  • weekly payments ($200 minimum)
  • dedicate up to 25% of your ad impressions for cross promotion
  • up to $15,000 bonus promotion! (ends January 31, 2015)

What is required to use mobileCore interstitials?

In order to show mobileCore interstitial ads in your app, you need to sign up with mobileCore, copy your mobileCore Developer Hash code into your Andromo project settings, and add your app to the mobileCore dashboard. It’s free to sign up for a mobileCore account.

Your Developer Hash Code is shown in the mobileDashboard under ACCOUNT and then PERSONAL DETAILS. You will need to copy this value into the Monetization tab of your Andromo project settings and rebuild your app. (Note: you will use the same Developer Hash Code in all of your apps.)

Finally, you will need to add your app to the mobileCore dashboard by going to the APPS >> OVERVIEW section, clicking ADD APP, and entering your app’s package name. (You can find the package name in your Andromo project settings on the App Info tab.)

mobileCore uses the package name to find your app in Google Play, so it can automatically adjust the ads that are shown based on the maturity level you’ve set for the app in Google Play. (If you aren’t publishing your apps to Google Play, mobileCore says the ability to adjust the ad maturity level manually from the dashboard is coming in the next few months.)


  • Fantastic, thank you very much!
  • Thank you guys. Thank you really much.
  • So how is it going? Has anybody managed to reach the targets for the prizes?

    Personally I only got 580 impressions, because I have hesitated to update my apps in GP. Rumors have it that Google is on banning spree which tends to occur right after apps update. As a result, I plan to do the updates after January 23 - do not want to risk losing my really good Christmas season revenue from Admob.

    However, I am happy on the mC revenue. A single conversion from Canada gave me almost 4 USD :)
  • Noone got some performance info related to mC?
    I didnt make it to the prize (17k impressions only) but I am making a decent revenue without any kind of Admob drop.I had expected Admob to drop a little bit because of mC interstitial added, but I was wrong.

    To me it seems like the occasional mC interstitial converts better, especially when admob interstitial is constantly from the same advertiser. Soon I should have solid results because I have started the process of implementing mC in all apps.
  • @anteos, thanks for sharing this, and it's really refreshing to hear, that there is yet another ad network, which can perform well.
  • Some statistics from mC so far (only apps from Andromo in the following stats):

    Last 7 Days

    Last 28 Days:

    mC is performing amazing. Thank you for the addition and sorry for the constant nagging to you and the team before it. I don't know how well mC is performing for you personally, but I see some decent revenue which has not affected AdMob revenue.
  • Wow, that's some serious stuff, especially because it didn't hurt your AdMob earnings! I'm now tempted to try it out myself. :)
  • @hendrixs
    Give it a shot!
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