Admob in Apss not in Google Play

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Hi all,  Tried looking up the policy for using Admob in my apps that are not on Google. 

Does anyone know what the policy is/or does anyone have experience with this?

Does Admob care that the app is not in Google Play as long as the app doesn't violate any terms/conditions?




  • Technically, since you can totally avoid Android stores and offer the apk at your own website, I think admob does not care. However, it is somewhat weird - if there is reason for you to avoid GP (maybe you are scared of potential ban or something) then why still go with a Google product such as Admob?
  • I asked this on their official forum and Eric said it's no problem. I'm using AdMob in several apps that are not on Google Play.
  • @hendrix, please, can you give me the link of this page?

    I have a great problem. My account in Google Play has been suspended for repetitive infractions of copyright, I think, its not clear . 
    And some days after that Admob sent me an email telling that an app was disabled in admob telling me:

    Explanation of the
    infringement: ELIMINATION OF

    Original text in spanish:

    publicación de anuncios se ha inhabilitado en:
    di gossip lettore RSS (com.andromo.dev6860.app229128)

    que las demás aplicaciones de la cuenta cumplen las políticas.

    de cuenta actual:

    de la infracción

    DE GOOGLE PLAY: los editores de AdMob no pueden hacer un uso
    inadecuado de ningún producto de Google, como Google Play, YouTube o
    Blogger, ni promocionar un uso inadecuado de estos. Esto incluye
    eludir las políticas o los términos de los otros productos de
    Google (o proporcionar los medios para hacerlo), por ejemplo,
    permitiendo a los usuarios descargar vídeos de YouTube.

    app was not one of those who were suspended, but complete account has
    been suspended and Admob is telling me that they disable adds in this app for 
    ELIMINATION OF GOOGLE PLAY as infringement.

    My apps are still in other app stores but I think all my apps will be eventually disabled in Admob.

  • How about your acquired earnings? Are they gonna pay that out in few days?? Can Admob pay one out after being terminated from the play store??
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    Admob will pay your earnings even if there are suspended ad units, but I do not know what happens if your Admob gets totally banned.
    But it still starts removing the ad units of ALL the apps in the suspended google play account.
    This technically means, after a period of anything between 1 month and 6 apps you will no longer have Admob revenue since none of your users will see ads.
    That's why you always gotta use an alternative ad network too. In case of admob unit ID removal, the users will at least see some ads.
  • Thanks @anteos, i planned to update and submit all my apps to other stores with ads of other networks but should i do it now or wait until my admob daily earning reach somewhere to zero?? I mean i didn't violate any of the Admob T&Cs and ads are still showing in my Apps. So i think i should wait until ad-serving ceases due to the Google play store ban. If i stop making any money with Admob then its time to do the update. Now how about my earnings if they choose to stop ad-serving?? I want to receive my money from them. Help again.
  • Even if they stop ad serving, the money till then will be given to you.
    I would not expect money from them if the whole account gets banned though.
    Noone really knows how many ad units suspensions it takes before an admob account is banned.
    I had my biggest mistake to rush and archive all admob ad units in hopes the account would remain active and I would get that month's payment, a fairly big one.
    My mistake was I archived the most successful app ad units, the ones from the app that gave me more than 60 Euro per day -.-
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