Custom list of places and custom map.

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Hello everyone,

I just sign up to andromo free trial and I have some question before I decide to pay for the extra features. I downloaded the sample andromo sample app from googleplay and it seems pretty nice.

I'm currently developing an application, the native way. But I'm looking for a fast way to develop what I need. Coding on.But like I said I'm looking for a fastest way at the moment. 

I want to display a list of nearby places based on the user location. On my original app(native one) I'm using JSON queries based on nearby places and text search. I also want to display custom places that are not on the current google database. E.g. a new store that open and the information was added to the a custom database. 

My question is:

  •   If my andromo app will be able to connect to a custom database to retrieve the information of the new added places and display them along the existing list that is retrieved from google database?
  •   Also, if is possible to show those places on google map with custom icons.

I will appreciate all the answers.

Sorry for my English, is not my native language.


  • That's not something you'll be able to accomplish using Andromo's Map activity, however you may be able to code that on your own using a Javascript Map that is packaged in an HTML Archive activity.

  • Thanks for the answer Darryl. 

    What about the list, can I connect an andromo app to a database(including queries against google database) to retrieve the information I need for my list? 
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