Should I pull my app that lists other popular apps?

I am new to publishing and honestly I have found my head spinning over Google policy compliance. I educated myself on proper attribution and now I feel some of my apps are in an ugly gray area.

My Valentine's Day app lists essential apps people should have for the holiday. On the dashboard, the icons have images of the app and the app's name, then takes the user to that developer's app on Google Play. I am in total confusion how I should go about properly attributing the app developers. Should I just pull this monster out before it gets me in trouble? Or should I unpublish the app and write out better attributions before re-publishing?


  • Looks like this app might be a bit against the rule of Google about apps with rich content which people will want to use.
    Other than that, you might run into problems from using the icon of other apps ( I doubt any other app owner would report your app because they are getting free promotion from you, but still you never know).

    What you should ask yourself is, is this app generating enough revenue for you to risk keeping it published?
  • If you want to keep the app, the best thing would be to get a consent from every app publisher you link to, and include a disclaimer in your app (Andromo has this option).

    Other than that, yeah, GP is not in favor of apps that only link to other apps/websites. However, you can add some texts about Valentines Day, some facts, etc. and leave the links inside. That would still be a bit gray, but much, much safer overall.
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