Andromo compatibily problem with Amazon

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Hi, I submitted an app to Amazon, it was accepted, but their compatibility test showed this error:
>CAUTION: Static Wallpaper detected. Your APK refers to setting a static wallpaper. You can submit your APK without fixing this issue, but your app will not be compatible with Amazon devices.
(and shows the list, basically all Amazon Fire tablets and phone).

I built the app following the guide here
i.e. with with target market: Amazon in Andromo settings.

Any clue how to fix the issue??


  • Did you include an image gallery with the option to set as wallpaper?
    If yes, that might be the problem. I suggest you uncheck the option for images to be set as wallpaper and try building and submitting again.
  • I actually did, including the wallpaper option! I am going to test again and report back here. Thanks!
  • ARGHH sorry where is it? The option to NOT show a (say) flickr gallery with the set-as-wallpaper? I cannot find how to disable the set as wallpaper thing.
  • When you add an Image gallery activity, at the bottom you need to uncheck the option :
    Enable Set-picture-as
  • It was the Flickr activity, which unfortunately does not have the option to disable set-picture-as.
    I have deleted the Flick activity, which is useless, because the RSS activity is just the same (if you set RSS Activity Type to 'photo feed' and use the same Flickr feed obviously) with the difference that it DOES have the option to disable set-picture-as.
    I have rebuilt the apk and resubmitted to Amazon now waiting to see if it's going to be kindle compatible. I am pretty sure you were right about the issue and thanks a million for that.
  • @ahead
    You are welcome, I just hope it really works out for Amazon.
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