new to andromo - need help

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I am new to andromo. I am starting on my first app now. I will be really grateful if I get answers to it. My first question is, will I get any money if I publish the app ( I am still on free trial and have not yet subscribed to any plan)? Is there any pay on downloads etc because I know I can't place ads. Secondly, can I make any changes or updates to the app after it has been published?


  • Hi Jidda and welcome.
    The way you can monetise your finished apps is by either selling them on an app marketplace such as Google Play, Opera store Samsung store etc or offering them for free on these stores and using an Ad account such as Google Adwords to bring in income. There is a function within andromo to easily place ads into your apps. Both methods will require you register and upload your finished apps (APK files) to the stores. You will recieve payment into your bank account at the end of each month. You will need either significant downloads or lots of apps to bring in a reasonable profit from the ad accounts but with some thought and creativity this is achievable. And yes, you can go and edit your apps at any time and uopdate them or whatever and upload new versions to the marketplace store. Google Play (and probably some other stores) automatically sends out updated versions to your user base.
  • Thanks a ton mattbean!!
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