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I decided to post some information regarding mC addition in Andromo, for which I am super-happy.
I now have some decent statistics to share and the happy news that I got paid week ago my first money. Around 220 USD, paid to Paypal, with no transaction fee.

Let's see the numbers first for Interstitials only and for the time period since my first mC addition up to now:

Revenue     $224.19     Impressions     95,376     Clicks     25,029     ECPM     $2.35

For those who do not know how mC works, I must inform that it is on CPI model: that means, the advertised game or app needs to be downloaded from the user, installed, and ran at least once. When this kind of conversion occurs, you get paid - but we are not talking about mere cents as a CPM model. A Canadian or USA conversion can pay on its own around  6 USD! Imagine if you have enough impressions to cause installation of apps, from USA area, like 10 times... results can be impressive, especially if your apps got a decent userbase.

But what's the even better news: the addition of mC has not affected Admob interstitials performance. In short, even though other people have reported extreme drop of revenue form Admob on the first 2 months of 2015, I have seen more than 3 times the revenue of the same months in 2014, while I have only dropped 10-20% from the Christmas period which is obviously the peak of money. And do not forget, MobileCore was already added in these first 2 months!

If you have any questions about mC you can let me know and I will try to help with the few knowledge I got from looking around in Android monetization forums.


  • @anteos: Thanks so much for taking the time and your willingness to post this info! It's always nice to hear such positive news.
  • @hendrixs
    True, but seems like my referral link got removed. I didn't know it is not allowed. Just thought that better someone gets a bonus than a direct registration occurs and noone earns anything. Oh well...
  • @anteos: Too bad, but it's like that on most forums. When I decide to register on mC, I'll definitely let you know and ask for your referral link.
  • Thanks for the post, I just started to use MC.
  • Your link was quite possibly removed due to the fact Andromo has a referral link of their own on the "?" info section of the Mobile Core monetise page lol.
    I really like the look of the Stikee ads option. I guess we are unable to use this option as yet with Andromo apps. have I got this right, are you running the MC interstatials alongside admob interstatials?
  • Yup, Admob interstitials alongside mC - this means impressions are shared, but I still see a rise in Admob and mC still generates around 6-8 USD per day.

    I guess you are right about the referral link - makes sense.
  • Anteos is Mobilecore safe, compliant with Google Play?
  • @funbee
    Yup it is. I have been roaming around MMWA forums and other sources for Android monetization, and I never saw a bad comment about mC. All my apps uploaded in Google Play got mC interstitials now.
  • Thanks Anteos. Did you still use both Admob interstitial and Mobilecore or Mobilecory ads only?
  • Both Admob and mC at the same time, so impressions are shared between them.
  • Is Mobilecore compatible with Google Play only, or can it be used for Samsung too?
  • @nephih

    It is OK for any market. I upload apps with mC in all markets in my list.
  • Interesting. Would it even work with Kindle? I would assume it wouldn't...
  • I guess yes, but you would need to confirm with someone owning a Kindle.
  • Anteos did you still use MC? I hesitate to try MC because i'm afraid that GP can ban my apps or Admob earning will mess up. How much payments you get from MC? Thanks for answers.
  • Hello mate.
    Yup I still use mC. Do not hesitate, it is actually, along with appnext, the most trusted ad network I have ever tried. I had been getting a steady 300-320 USD payment every month until recently when my GP account got banned (3 IP violations in 2 years). Now of course the revenue is way less.

    As far as Admob earnings, they were not affected at all from mC addition.
    Honestly, I am not affiliated with them and I do not even use the referral link anymore, but I cannot ignore the fact that mC is performing well for me.
  • I believe that you arent from MC, your answer to me at MMW too. Thanks, I will try it.
  • Good luck!
  • I'm looking at the payment info. A minimum of $200 seems pretty steep. And it seems kind of weird that they make you confirm an invoice before they actually send payment.
  • Yes, indeed for both.
    But 200 is not that hard to achieve because each conversion can be from like 4 to 6 USD.
    For invoice I also find it funny, I just reply like:
     "Yup I confirm the invoice, please send the payment."
  • Well this is weird: the only clicks it looks like I'm getting paid for are in Colombia. I'm not getting anything for my US clicks (which are the majority) at all.
  • REVENUE $87.09     IMPRESSIONS 53,422     CLICKS 8,348     ECPM $1.63
    Last 9 days with one of my apps. AdMob disable ads at that app and now I use Startapp and Mobilecore. And this earnings is much better then Admob interstitials before.

    Still, i'm leave Admob interstitials at my Andromo apps.
  • @tholyoak

    Why not contact them? If there is a problem they should know early on.

    @aleksej015 Your results are close to mine, congrats! However, my results have gone worse after my Google Developer termination.
  • I actually did contact them yesterday, and they said my performance so far is normal (which is sad, because I'm up to a measly 19 cents in revenue). I've just got it in limited testing so far, but I'm afraid of losing Admob earnings.

    Are those of you that are doing well mostly serving people in the US or outside the US?
  • My geo is dispersed, not too much US.
  • @aleksej015: Thanks for the share. How do you find Startapp these days?
  • Same app, same period, banners + exit ad from Startapp:
    Revenue $41.25     Impressions 151,312     Clicks 5,260     eCPM $0.27
  • @aleksej015
    Thanks for your share!
  • Thanks for sharing. Interesting. I'm sure the eCPM numbers will need to improve, these are way too low.
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