cannot download my app - pls help

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I have built my first app and got the link to download it on my android. But the app doesn't get downloaded. It starts downloading for a while and then comes as " download failed". When I click on that, it says not enough space. Buhen what is the matter? Pls help me. 


  • Are you downloading directly on your device?
    The error is self explanatory - you need to empty space in your device. Remove some apps you do not use or clean junk files using a Cleaner app then try to download again.
  • But I already have around 2GB free... Still its coming the same

  • Are those 2GB free at your System or at your SD card?
  • It is free in the system
  • Try download the app at desktop PC and copy the apk manually to your phone. Maybe it is some temporary glitch.
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