Question regarding banned apps

What happens when an app is banned on google play but is available on other stores and it consists of admob ads? Do we still get paid for those ads when ppl download them from different stores?

In this case should we remove admob advertising.?

I hope my question is clear.


  • They say that Admob will keep working for few time but eventually it will stop servicing ads. For how long it will still work no-one knows - could be 2 months or 1 yr.
    Personally, I removed Admob as soon as possible. It is why I keep asking when Airpush will be implemented because I want to replace with Airpush (CPM network) but if it delays too fast I should choose something else.
  • It really depends on the severity of violation, I guess. Sometimes AdMob keeps on working without problems, sometimes it dies after a few days/weeks/months and sometimes they shut it down immediately.

    Google knows everything so you might as well be honest with them and send a support question to AdMob asking them if your AdMob acc will be fine.
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