Samsung App Rejections

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I have recently had apps with podcast activities be rejected by Samsung for the following reasons:

User is unable to cancel downloading after changing the stream status (Playing/Stop).

1. Start the app.
2. Open any stream
3. Let it play
4. Start downloading it
5. Stop the stream
6. Try stopping the download
7. Observe the issue

<Expected Result>
User should be able to stop downloading anytime.

I've tested this myself and verified that the user is unable to stop the download once it has begun. 

And here's another one:

Sound occurs after the application is terminated

1. Execute the application
2. Terminate the application

<Expected Result>
Sound should not occur after the application is terminated.

In the video they attached to that rejection, they opened up the app, started a podcast, exited the app, pressed the "recent apps" button, exited the app that way and the podcast was still playing.

Application is not executed on notification bar after go to IDLE in playing music

1.Execute application
2.Play music > Go to IDLE > Try to execute on notification bar
3.Check the screen

<Expected Result>
Application should be executed on notification bar after go to IDLE in playing music

Some of the time pressing the notification in the status bar opens the app, other times it does not.

If the Andromo staff could fix these bugs in the next update that would be much appreciated. :)


  • Samsung is really nuts. :) But they are the best alternative to Google Play by far, so keeping Andromo up to date with them is great, but I imagine also a little pain in the *** for the Andromo team. :)
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