Demographics and Interest Reports in AdMob - Small Change Needed

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I've enabled the Demographics and Interest Reports, however, to work properly, a small change is needed in the tracking code.

Here a screenshot from AdMob:

And here are the changes needed:

@lorne, if it's really as easy to modify this as they suggest and if it has no other implications, would it be possible to include this change in the upcoming Andromo update? Knowing more about our users would come in handy in more than one way. :)



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    @hendrixs: I think I will quote Darryl on this one: "It's never as easy as they say it is." :)

    Thanks for the links, I don't think that will get into the next update as our hands are pretty full right now, but I will create a ticket for us to look at it at some point in the future.
  • @lorne: That's good, thanks. Knowing your users is the best way to improve your apps and expand your business, so this would help a lot.
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