Removing the Download Button from the Podcast Activity

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I've mentioned this before, but I'm going to bring it up again since I just renewed my yearly membership :)

Here is my use case.

I ran a popular retro-gaming podcast for 10 years called RetroGaming Radio.  I'd like to release all 110'ish shows in an app that a user would download and pay a single price for.  However, to keep the price reasonable, I have to be competitive with the DVD archives I also sell.  I know I cannot charge the same amount for the physical product as the mobile app.  I figure $9.99 is about as most as I can charge - and that's for essentially $40-50 worth of content on CD.  

I need to be able to deprive the mobile app user of SOMETHING to be competitive and to somewhat protect my work.  Removing the ability to download and essentially make this app "streaming only" would be super.

Sure, I could roll my own solution; but I'd rather just use the Podcast activity; but alas, there is no way to disable the download button.

These appears to me to be a VERY EASY implementation.  I'm a software developer, and really I'm talking about a flag that toggles off the DOWNLOAD button if the app developer builds the app with a "no download" option checked in the Activity creation screen.

Am I the ONLY one that could benefit from this?

Thank you.


  • In the podcast activity settings, there is a checkbox labeled "Allow downloads." This is apparently what you're looking for?
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