GP showing "Incompatible with all devices"

I put a new app out yesterday on Google Play.  As of last night, I'm 99.9% positive that it showed the app was compatible with all my devices.  This morning however when I go to the link on my web browser it is showing an "X" with the message "This app is incompatible with all your devices".  Any idea what could be causing this? 
Thanks in advance


  • Also, in the GP developer console I'm showing 7,561 supported devices and 0 excluded devices.
  • And all THREE of my phones show up in the supported devices list
  • Maybe it was some temporary glitch.
    Are you sure you are logged in GP with the same email you got in your phones?
  • Yep same email..... I actually did come across some others with a similar issue and it ended up being on Google's end.  So I've emailed them about the issue.  If I find anything out I'll post it.
  • OK hope you manage to sort it out.
  • Thanks anteos.  Oddly enough tonight it has gone back to being compatible.  So.... I dunno.  I'll chalk it up to a random glitch like you mentioned.
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