Amazon Mobile Ad Network Adds Modeless Interstitial Ads and Expands to Japan

Hey guys,

this is an email message from Amazon:

Dear Developer, 

The Amazon Mobile Ad Network is pleased to announce two new offerings.
First, we now offer modeless interstitial ads to deliver great user experience.
Second, we are serving ads to users in Japan to help you further monetize your apps and games.
Use the Amazon Mobile Ad Network to deliver high-quality display ads from brand advertisers and
earn money from your apps and games across supported devices (iOS,
Android, and Fire OS tablets and phones), countries (US, UK, Germany,
France, Spain, Italy, and now
Japan) and app stores (Amazon Appstore, Apple App Store, and Google

Monetize Your Apps and Games with High-Quality Ads: With
the Amazon Mobile Ad Network, you are paid on ad impressions served.
The Amazon Mobile Ads API is easy to integrate and delivers
highly-relevant banners, rich media, and higher CPM interstitial ads -
now including modeless interstitial ads.
Amazon modeless interstitial ads are full screen ads that appear as
app content between content screens to maintain the app’s native
You can customize modeless interstitial ads with content matching
frames or transparent backgrounds.
The seamless delivery of modeless interstitial ads can increase
your user engagement and number of ads served.

The Amazon Mobile Ad Network Is Trusted By Thousands Of Developers: A developer currently using the Amazon Mobile Ad Network shares his experience*:

 “The Amazon Mobile Ad Network is by far our best performing ad network, and helped increase our earnings by 40%.
With Amazon, we are getting excellent eCPM banners and high quality ads, providing a great experience for our users.”

                       - Pedro Da Ros, Founder & CEO of RottzGames

Crossing my fingers to see the new SDK in Andromo as well. :)


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