Warning about Amazon Ads!

I've been getting monthly e-mails from Amazon telling me that I wasn't going to be paid yet for showing their ads because I hadn't met the minimum, but that the total would be rolled into the next month. I am no longer showing Amazon ads, so I requested that they just pay me what is due. They refused, saying they can't unless I meet the minimum. They will only pay if I meet the minimum or close my developer account. They actually suggested I start using their ads again and make enough to get paid. But that's not going to happen because their ads performed miserably for me and Admob has been doing terrific.

Anyway, just thought I'd let people know in case you're considering using them.


  • Hey @tholyoak, thanks for the heads up. The situation is more or less the same with every advertiser. For example, I have 30-something USD on my balance with one of the ad networks I was trying out in my custom app, and they won't send the money, until I won't reach the minimum threshold. If you've ever worked with affiliate networks (ClickBank, CJ, MaxBounty,...), they too won't pay, until you reach whatever their minimum is. Well, what can you do.
  • Sadly, that is why it is called a minimum. I have money in more than 10 ad networks and most are too far from payout. But if you don't experiment, you won't know what's best.
  • The difference is that you can easily cancel your account (and get paid) with most ad companies when you decide you no longer want to use them. With Amazon, you have to cancel your developer account, which involves a lot more than just ads.
  • Yup that's a bit unfortunate.
  • True, @tholyoak. It's the same with ClickBank.
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    I've worked with Clickbank before, and actually did receive one check. But to get one from Amazon I'd have to quit selling my apps there. It's just not worth it. My apps do well in their store, but their advertising performance is abysmal so I'd be losing money trying to earn a check.

    Anyway, I just thought I'd mention it in case someone wasn't aware of it.
  • @tholyoak, sure, thanks. Do you sell apps on Amazon as well? My free apps are not performing very well, but I do have success with paid apps.
  • Yes, I sell apps on Amazon, Google, and Barnes & Noble. Amazon does the best. Google does the best for me on free apps (and I use Admob ads in them).
  • Same here. :) Amazon is great for paid apps.
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