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I am currently busy  with a mobile-compatible  marketplace for use within an
app-project.  The script  is php/mysql – based  and 
integrates neatly into the app-enviroment.  All dialogs are in english  language 
but,  if it turns out that there
are enough people who are interested to use the script It’s no big deal to
translate it to other  tongues.  It is still work in progress:

I created a test-enviroment :

Try it out here:




Login with:         User:     testuser              Pw:        test

Some basic funktions:

  •          Frontend / backend     
  •          Fully moderated             (no
    unwanted or illegal ads)
  •          Easy to configure            ( ad or remove new category’s, edit  advertisements etc.)
  •          After an add is approved, advertisers receiving
    an email containing a backlink enable them to  remove their ads on their own.
  •          People are able to  take a photograph with their smartphone  and upload it directly with their ad.
  •          The sellers email is invisible to potential
    buyers and only revealed if the seller allows.
If it is somewhat interesting for you just drop me a

(The visible banner-ads  are part of my own local ad-system)


  • @jankb

    This seems a bit out of my grasp. Can you please elaborate and describe what exactly it can do? Is it some kind of self - prepared ad system which implements into an app and you can handle without app update?
    Something like, you add an ad network ad on the backend and implement in the app, then handle it (change networks etc) from the CMS?

    I suspect I am wrong :)

  • Hi Anteos, it's got nothing to do with ad-networking/exchange banners whatsoever, this is about content or better value for people who are loading your app. It is a  marketplace-script which enables people to sell or offer something. I made this because I was in need for it for a local project. So I am simply offering you the opportunity to use it as well: scale it as you like ad categories, create a marketplace-app, using the script on your own webspace, something like that.

    The hint regarding the banner is just because I am using my own banner-exchange-system and I did not remove the target-script from the demo. 

    I guess that this community is focussing mainly on banner ads rather then user experience so creating loads of "wallpaper-apps" just to generate clicks on banner that is jumping in front of a users nose ;) Don't get me wrong, I'm okay with that... I just wanted to offer something different. 

    cheers, Jan
  • Hi Jan,

    User experience is important if you plan for users who are loyal. LWPs are OK, I fiddled with such for 6 months, made roughly total of 40USD in many networks and quit. No time to make proper LWPs and the makers out there are worthless.
    I am after user experience as well.
    About your system I think I got no use for it atm, but it is always wonderful when someone offers a solution for users!
  • I have a different approach to the whole thing and not using any ad-network and Apps (also iOS) are free to download. I have my own paid banner system and creating local apps. i had to go through a whole bunch of negotiations and legal stuff and also had to invest some bucks but now it is generating 500 € each and every month and is rising steadily and.. I am not depending on any 3rd party ad-provider, not getting paid because of some click-desaster or being in danger to have my account blocked due to any new restrictions. Anyway. I am building it up a bit more say.."bricks and mortar".   
  • I cannot say that I have no success with ad networks. Admob and mC are so decent, I am making around 4 times the monthly salary of a typical job in my country. After 3 years of unemployment I feel I deserve it to a point, and honestly I owe most to Andromo.

    However, the worry of getting suddenly banned (from ad networks, GP, etc) is too much. Sometimes I feel like we all need to take things a little more "relaxed"...oh well I guess I sidetracked your thread :)

    Wish you luck!
  • where are you from may I ask? I am from The Netherlands, living currently in Gemany.
  • Nice country  :D
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