A failed build

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I never experienced a "Failed Build" response in more than a year of creating my 40 published apps. Couldn't imagine what the problem might be.
After a day of shuffling activities around I finally discovered that entering a question mark as the title of an image in the Photo Gallery activity is a no-no. Unfortunately, Andromo never rejected the ? and I wasn't warned off of using that symbol. Perhaps I should have known better but it would have saved a lot of aggravation if Andromo would have cautioned me. There are tests for other missteps while creating an app but this one seems to have been overlooked.
To their credit, Andromo does provide this cautionary note elsewhere but not at the point of entering a title for a photo. Best yet is to reject the bad entry and not let the user proceed.


  • Given the information you provided I ran a few tests. Question marks are valid as part of the text, for example "Who is this?", however I did confirm that if the only text was a question mark, such as "?", it does fail.
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