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Downloading tracks from Audio Player Activity

edited April 2015 in General Discussion
Hey guys,

please consider adding this feature, because I get requests from people to download the tracks from my apps. They want to listen to the audio files even when they don't have a wi-fi connection available. "Download" option is available in the Podcast activity, so if there are no technical limitations, could you please also add it to the Audio Player activity?

A couple of bad ratings because of this issue moved my app from #2 in it's category to #xx (Amazon Appstore). :-/



  • Thanks for the suggestion. I actually plan to revisit the audio activities in the future; with our planned changes to support material design, there's a high likelihood of the audio activities changing in appearance and function.
  • @lorne: Very happy to hear that, thanks!
  • Yes, this would be nice
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