Inquiry in how to set YouTube clips

I want to work for the application of YouTube clips
But I want to video displays without me to introduce the application of the same YouTube
In the sense that he placed a special player application
Or is not a problem of the application of YouTube
I want to do not bid on suggestions for other videos that go out after watching the original video "at the bottom"
Can I do that?
I hope so


  • ??????????
  • Any Help?
  • I do not understand what you want to do so I cannot help.
  • If I put have a video clip from YouTube in the application
    Senqlna to YouTube application is not it?
    In the bottom of the section there are suggestions for other videos
    I do not want to come out of these suggestions
    I just want my video is shown and the other does not
    Can I?

    I hope you understand what I mean
  • I suspect this is related to how the youtube app works. You cannot edit the way this app functions.
  • I too think you can't control that in any way.
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