Publish apps in a second google play account with andromo

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Hello everybody,

I’m new here, I become using andromo and is a great tool for creating apps.

Please I need some help, I have a google play account that receive two strikes now and I think It will not last, and I have decided to create another google play account to post my applications created with andromo, my question ... it is safe to use the same andromo account for creating apps ? will google make a relationship between the new apps and the old apps created with the same andromo account?

Thank you for help.

NB: Sorry for the bad writing, English is my third language


  • Hi Matias,

    when creating a new GP account, it's best to do it as a completely new person (new IP, new email address, different credit card, new phone for testing the apps, etc.). If you create a new account with the same info as your current one, if a ban should happen, they will ban all other "connected" accounts as well.

    If you plan to keep your current GP account, then you need a new Andromo account for the second GP account. If not, then you just simply change your "publisher name" in the Profile and you're good to go.

    Always keep things safe and publish 100% compliant apps - there is no playing with Google Play. :)
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