"Microsoft shows us how to port Android apps to Windows 10"

This could be really huge: http://bgr.com/2015/05/01/windows-10-android-apps-video-demo/

Just imagine tapping into an extra market of millions potential users!


  • It was just exactly what I was looking into yesterday, searching for an app maker for windows platform.
    Very interesting.
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    This would not be for desktop apps, just mobile. And Microsoft's market share is so small it probably wouldn't be much better than porting to Blackberry (which I did a while back and didn't have much success with, although I did get a free Blackberry phone out of it).
  • As far as I understand, Windows 10 will enable users to port their Android based mobile apps to Windows 10 desktop OS. Based on http://www.theverge.com/2015/4/29/8511439/microsoft-windows-10-android-ios-apps-bridges, they want these apps to run on Windows desktop and mobile devices.

    But, maybe I'm just interpreting stuff the way I want to hear it. ;)
  • Running Android apps on Chrome actually sounds a lot more promising to me:

  • Actually what would be really nice is a way to port Android apps to iOS. :)

    I don't get requests from people that want my apps available for Blackberry or Windows; it's iOS that they want.
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